He is extremely stupid and insane. He's usually either hurting himself or others. He gets killed a lot but he keeps coming back for more. He has a short-term memory and has trouble focusing on anything.

He's a famous terrorist although most people are so distracted with celebrity news and stupid TV shows that he's constantly forgotten. He's very intelligent and he hates humanity and he is frustrated that no matter how much destruction he causes, no one seems to care. He never gets caught because everyone is too stupid and inept, so he's pretty bored most of the time. He is enemies with Limeboy although their past is unclear. Orangenius is skilled with guns and is very mysterious. Orangenius is the leader of the secretive Vitamin C Fun Club

He's from some far away country and he's trying to fit in. He's glad that Skippy accepts him so he puts up with Skippy's eccentricities. Watcher doesn't have much of a personality and is pretty clueless about American culture. He is fascinated by time and he loves to buy watches at the dollar store. He wears a T-shirt that displays the time that the panel was drawn.

He's just some hippie with magic powers. He definitely doesn't take his role as Messiah seriously and he thinks it's funny that so many people worship him. He's a pretty cool guy although he's not very smart.

The creator of the universe. He has a really big ego and he thinks he's a lot more powerful than he really is. He thinks logically and has little emotions or understanding of other peoples' emotions. He thinks that he deserves the best of everything since he's God. His biggest problem is he thinks he's perfect but he's not.

The Virgin Mary
She is a normal human but she is immortal. She's very feminine and she lives in Heaven where she is God's wife. She works at a Quail King which is a fast food restaurant. She likes to go shopping although God can make her whatever she wants.

Casper the Holy Ghost
He is the third part of the Holy Trinity. Casper is extremely powerful but he is cowardly and easily panics. He tends to turn invisible when he is afraid, which is often. He is like Jesus's little brother in a sense.

She's a sweet little pea and the leader of the Vegetable Fun Club. She has a very powerful magic staff. Peabody is naive and innocent and is shocked at the sometimes fanatical actions of the members of her club. She is friends with Skippy but she's often confused by his violent ways.

Skippy's Mom
She is very strong and muscular and she has a lot of anger. She loves to beat Skippy and she usually overdoes it. She is very prejudice and hates it when Skippy expresses interest in other cultures and races. Even though she's always hitting Skippy and telling him how bad he is, she is very protective of him and she won't let anyone speak negatively about him. She also thinks she is a good Christian although her actions may indicate otherwise.

The Haitian Goths
They're Haitians who are also goths. They're too Haitian to fit in with the goths and they're too gothy to fit in with the Haitians. They see themselves as tortured souls and they think their rejection by society is very heroic. They don't like to socialize with anyone although that can change if that person has tickets to a Nine Inch Nails concert. The Haitian Goths are also nerdy and like video games and Dungeons & Dragons, although they can never escape being Haitians.

The Waiter
He's very snobby and he doesn't like to serve the poor, common folk like Skippy. He also does jobs like being an announcer and other fun things.

He is a long-time enemy of Orangenius. Limeboy also despises humanity but he sees them as a resource to be used to his advantage rather than a pestilence that needs to be eliminated. He will do anything for power and wealth and doesn't care about anyone but himself. He used to be an assassin and he is extremely deadly and he will own you.

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